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+ Entrepreneurs who desire to increase skills in the areas creativity, communication, and productivity in their businesses

+ Entrepreneurs who desire to experience the success and freedom of doing Business with God

+ Entrepreneurs who desire to increase sales by making no brainer offers, creating solution serving products, and automated business success systems

+ Entrepreneurs who desire group coaching, principle based resources, practical education rooted in truth for ultimate business success

+ Weekly lives on how to live and think wealthier: BECOME WEALTHIER by understanding the true meaning behind entrepreneurial wealth and success

+ Video Library access: You can revisit pivotal moments that sparked mental breakthroughs. Relive these transformative experiences at your convenience.

+ Group Chat with all members, talking about their victories and how their businesses are transforming

+ Wealth-Lab coaching sessions (with 6 coaches)  breaking down the step-by-step "HOW TO" on God-Led business building ( Including brand development, Production, Automation, systems, structure and organization) Implementation Homework included 

+ Victory Vault:  Celebrate your wins, big and small, in our Victory Vault. This dedicated space is where members come together to share their triumphs and monumental achievements,